K9 Handler

SDS provides training in the following disciplines:

USAR – Urban Search and Rescue
  • USAR is a specialist response capability that has the ability to locate, provide medical assistance and remove victims who have been trapped or affected by a structural collapse. Our team utilise the Attorney Generals Best Practice Guidelines and train to INSARAG’s exacting international standards.
Area Search
  • A canine specifically trained and accredited to locate scent (human, ground or windborne) but more specifically windborne scent, and follow that scent to its source.
  • A canine that is specifically trained to follow a line of human scent (ground or windborne). Following that human scent trail to its source and alerting.
Human Remains Dog (HRD) 
  •  A specifically trained canine accredited to locate scent emanating from a deceased human.

Do you and your canine have what it takes?

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