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Becoming a Member of SDS

There is a role for everyone, you can utilise your current skills and learn a range of new skills.

Operational Roles

K9 Handlers

Search dog training is a highly rewarding activity that creates a unique bond between handler and dog: each handler owns their own dog or dogs, who live with them. The teams train at Brandown, a custom Canine Search and Rescue Training Facility in Western Sydney.

All K9 Handlers are also trained as Search Technicians.

For more information about becoming a K9 Handler please click here.

Search Technicians

Our Search Techs are required to assist our Canine Teams when deployed on Land Searches for persons missing. Search Techs assist our Handlers as Safety Officers, Map and Navigation Specialists as well as 1st Aid and a range of other disciplines.

For more information about becoming a Search Technician please click here.

We at SDS are volunteers that operate 24hrs, 365 days so availability is required once trained as a K9 Handler or Search Technician. Saturday’s are our primary training days and it is an expectation that you will be able to attend most of these days. As well as other days as requested by the team for community events or fundraising.

Non-operational Roles

Training Assistants

Without TA’s, we could not train our dogs. We require lots of different people of all ages so our dogs learn to find a wide variety of people. You will get to hide for our dogs and when they find you, you get to reward them, that could be a vigorous game of tug or a couple of treats, but always a lot of fun and excitement.


Support People

These guys help SDS out in the back ground. Whether it be fundraising, organising events, IT support, graphic design, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Tell us what your specialty is and we will have a role just for you!

If you are interested in becoming a member of SDS please email us.